Long time, no see!

I’ve been kinda MIA lately on here, for several reasons. I’ve been on sick leave from work since November last year because of my mental health and even though I get help now there still is periods where I just can’t really do anything. I just feel empty inside and its just frustrating. Because I … Mer Long time, no see!


I know International Women’s Day has passed but I can’t help but venting some «feminine» frustration. A while back I noticed the #IStandWithKesha tag somewhere on the Internet but I didn’t have a clue what that was about. Until today (I don’t watch TV and I’m just not up to date when in comes to … Mer #FreedomForKesha

Exciting times!

Well, things certainly picked up since last week! I FINALLY got my money I’ve been waiting for! 6 months of long, painful waiting and hoping. I lost my job TWICE last year due to companies going chapter 11 so it has been a rough year. This money was from the last job I lost back … Mer Exciting times!

Guns n’ Buns

Today, my lovely readers, I did something I’ve never done before. I went to the gym at 6.30 in the morning. Thats a big deal for the Queen of Couch Potatoes! I’ve worked out at gyms before, for like, 4 years ago last time, but always at night or weekends. And now I haven’t been … Mer Guns n’ Buns

I had a dream!

Last night. One of those «I don’t get it dreams». I was at McDonald’s to buy sundae with my friend. She worked there but not that day. The person serving us the sundae was the restaurant manager, a girl at our age with a filthy rich dad as it turned out. We were eating our … Mer I had a dream!

Growing up

Inspired by Miss Evelyn-Jo and Dames For Dreams I thought I could tell a little about myself. As everyone else I was also a kid once, and a teenager. Growing up was good, I have a mom and a dad who’s been married forever and 3 older sisters. I came kinda late, 9 years after … Mer Growing up