About me

Well, hello there!

I am a pinup from Norway. I spend most of my time freezing (because it is very cold here) and wishing I could wear a hula skirt every single day of the year. For a living I work as a shop assistant at a paint shop, and I a construction worker, I’m a painter. I work part-time as I am currently studying Preservation of Cultural Heritage at NTNU.

I’m all about enjoying the good things in life and not waste any time worrying what others might think of me. You only live once – make the best of it! Its YOUR life and YOUR rules, so relax, have fun and enjoy the ride!

I love to go roller skate with my friends, cruise around in my old Edsel during summer, and the Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser during winter, and wishing some things still was like they were in the 50s. I love the 50s era, from the clothes to the cars! Needless to say, I love pinup too! It has really changed my life and I have gained so many sweet and kind friends since I first started out in 2014. Pinups are adorable little creatures.

I founded Pinup Norway in an attempt to gather all pinups in Norway on one place, and every year we crown our Miss Pinup Norway during a weekend filled with fun, making new friends and working for a good cause. I’m also one of the founders of Bad Boys Cruisers Car Club that was founded back in 2009. Also, I am part of Trondheim Quad Squad, the coolest roller skating club in town!

Here you will find pictures from my everyday life and get a glimpse of what I do every day (well, I don’t blog EVERY day though..). Enjoy my blog and feel free to leave a comment! =)

Lots of love,


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